Friday, March 30, 2012

Nice to Meet You

One of my students was playing with Jack the other afternoon and wanted to shake his hand. This was something that we hadn't ever thought to teach Jack, so he was clueless. It was adorable to watch this fabulous 17 year old teaching my little 2 year old how to shake hands. Though Jack was clearly loving the attention of this older boy, he was not picking up on how to shake hands. So when we got home, we decided that we'd tech him this necessary (and fun) new concept.

This morning, I wanted to see if he remembered. I asked him, "Jack, can we shake hands?" and he ran over, took my hand, shook it and said "Nice to meet you!" He then giggled and said "show Dennis?" My heart nearly melted. Dennis is the name of my student! I couldn't get over how sweet it was that Jack both remembered this interaction with my student and wanted to complete it! I was so excited to run into work and tell this boy, Dennis, all about it. The best part? Dennis said that I made his day by telling him the story.

Needless to say... mine was already made! :)

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