Wednesday, March 14, 2012

Craig's List

Today I am so grateful for Craig's List. 

Seriously, it's one of the best things about being a Manhattan Mom! No one has storage space, so people are willing to sell gently used things just to make space! Additionally, my neighborhood seems to be full of seemingly rich people who are willing to sell things at a ridiculously reasonable price! It's awesome! 

I have purchased 3 strollers from Craig's List - yes, I said 3. We don't have cars, instead we have strollers. There's the big comfy one that we love for schlepping around the City, the lightweight single one, and, of course, the lightweight double (that we've yet to use). Hey, I got all 3 for the price of one brand new one! I also got a lovely wrap that my little one loves to snuggle in and a jumperoo that Jack went wild for and Wells can't wait to test out! 

The list goes on... But tonight I scored a video monitor for $50. I literally almost bought the same one for $180 on Saturday. $180! I'm so glad that I consulted my friend Craig first. 

Thank you to the lovely Australian Mum on the Upper West Side who sold me her gently used monitor for a steal since she's moving. We are using it well and appreciate your kindness and the great deal :)

And just for fun - here's a pic of the little one enjoying his wrap. He loves that thing!

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  1. What kind of wrap is that? I'm looking for one as well.


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