Sunday, March 18, 2012

Children's Museum of the Arts!

Saturday we met friends at the Children's Museum of Art. It was awesome! It's a wonderful space for kids of a variety of ages. We hung out in the toddler room, which had one table after another of fabulous art projects. The kind that you would never want to do in your own home, but that your kids love! I took about a million pictures, but here are some highlights...


 This was a table full of magnetic blocks. Jack loved them and built a castle!
You can see the little one in the background taking a nap in his wrap.

 There was a room filled with these exercise balls. Jack had so much fun that at one point he stopped and just screamed with joy. It was hysterical to watch! The best part is that the kids are seperated by age. There are 20 minute time blocks for each age group so we didn't have to worry about Jack being too small.
 This was the cool new exhibit by Misaki Kawai. 
Jack loved combing the fabulous pink hair on this giant creature.
 About an hour into our visit, they had a little music group. All of the kids got drums to play along with the leader. Jack & Maddy shared their drums. It was adorable!
 Here's a shot of Wells who woke up to check out the scenery :)
 Jack painted for the first time with these watercolors. It was adorable - especially because Nick & Wells were watching through the glass.
We had an awesome time!

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