Saturday, March 3, 2012

My sister.

I love my sister.
She came to visit this weekend to hang out with us. We had such a nice time! My boys absolutely adore her. Jack was beyond thrilled to see her walk through the door on Friday night! She arrived in time to read him a book before bed. It was great. She's beyond helpful to have around! She is always going out of her way to pitch in; changing diapers or playing a game. She spoils me just as much as she spoils the boys, if not more!
We took the kids to story time, went shopping, went out to dinner and hung out. I just love being with her. I sometimes miss the pre-babies visits, when we'd get manicures and go out for cocktails, but one day we'll do those things again, right?! Once my little one starts sleeping more at night...I hope! ;)
It's hard for both of us, because it often used to be the three of us... Jen would come down to the City, then Mom would come meet us for dinner, shopping, drinks or a trip to the Met. We had many girls days/nights like that. Though we enjoy each others company, it's hard to not notice that something is missing sometimes.

I couldn't imagine going through this without her. This past year has taught me just how special siblings are.

Jen is not only my oldest, dearest friend. But she is also my past and my future.

I love her. And I love our time together!

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  1. I can so understand that! And because you have that with your sister you were able to help me get through the past year. For that I love you and your sister. And I love Shelli because she created that!


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