Wednesday, February 8, 2012

The small things.

This journey is just as much about appreciating the little things in life as it is the big things. 

Here's to the small things...

A restaurant in Manhattan, with good food, that doesn't make you feel like a crazy person for asking for a highchair.

Last week we went to Landmarc two times - once for dinner and once for breakfast. 
It's that good and that accommodating to our family.

In a city filled with hostesses that say "sorry, we don't have highchairs" it's so nice to encounter a hostess that just says "right this way." And did I mention that the food is good?! It's real restaurant food! Not like fast food or pizza, like most "family friendly" dinning. 

Yes, I get excited about this kind of stuff. 

I am thankful for a nice meal with my family.
And j is thankful for the PB & Nutella sandwich on their kids menu! ;)

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