Saturday, February 11, 2012

A late night visit.

Some may think that this is totally creepy, but I am a believer.

Over the past 2 months, I have often thought that my Mom was popping in to check on my boys. Baby w was laughing at the ceiling one night and I just knew the she was there. I even looked up and said, "hi Mom." One day, seemingly out of nowhere, j said,"Hi Nanny". I just smiled, glad that she was looking in on him. Last night, for the first time, she came for me.

Baby w got shots yesterday and was quite upset at bedtime. My poor little guy. He woke a lot in the night. So at 5:15am I brought him into our bed and snuggled him back to sleep. Then as I was laying there, cuddled with my sweet, sleeping baby, I felt her. It was as if she wrapped her arms around both of us. A sense of calm came over me and I felt myself relax into the thought of her. I told her how much I miss her. I remembered waking up to see her sleeping on our couch with my then baby j snuggled into her. She'd often come and stay the night to  got up with him and give us a good nights rest.
It made my heart warm.

Though today I am sad and really missing her...

I am thankful.

I am thankful that I believe that she's still with me.
I am thankful that even if it was all imagined, it felt good.

I miss you. But I am so happy that you visit us.
We all love you, so much.

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