Sunday, February 12, 2012

Friends with kids.

I have talked before about my gratitude for really great friends. There is nothing in the world like a friend that you can really count on. It's true.

There is also nothing quite like having friends with kids... Grown ups who you enjoy spending time with. Adults who have similar adult interests and who are also parents. Life changes so much when you have kids. But having friends that you enjoy who also have kids - especially when their kids enjoy your kids! - are a wonderful blessing.

Lately, I've tried to schedule more "playdates" for us. I say us, because they're just as much for the boys as for Nick & I! I've found that being busy has been helpful. I've also found that its easier to find positives when you're having fun. There is something really great about watching children play. Something really heartwarming. There is also something really great about the long nap that often follows these playdates ;)

So I am grateful that we have a variety of friends who have kids. Friends who we can share museum visits and playgrounds with but also friends that we can talk honestly with. Friends that don't judge your parenting. Friends that support and embrace it. In this City, these parents aren't always easy to come by. 

I am thankful to have more than a small handful of them. 

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