Friday, February 10, 2012


People always tell you that one day you'll discover who your real friends are. For me, that day has come and gone. Over the course of this last year I have learned the value of good friends. I have learned just what good friends are capable of. I have never appreciated friends as much as I do now. I have learned that though you may not always need them, when you do - when you really, really need them - they'll be there. So many people offered to do things for us - make dinner, watch the kids, listen, pray... So many people wanted to help. Most of the time I thanked them. I appreciated the prayers and boy did I feel the love. But it was hard to say, "yes, please take the kids" or "dinner would be great." Then there came a point when I realized that it was time. It was time to trust that these offers were serious and these friends were sincere. There were friends who were willing to take my kids with almost no notice. Friends who sent food, so we didn't have to worry about cooking. Friends who sent notes, cards, texts, emails and love. Friends that have let me cry, but who have also made me laugh. Sometimes they really made me laugh. It felt so good. 

I have always known that I've been blessed with an incredibly strong, tight, annoyingly involved and loving family. But I now know the value of real, beautiful friendship. 

I am so blessed to have so many beautiful friendships. I hope that they always know how much they are appreciated.

Thank you. <3


  1. You may have great friends, but we have the best friend...YOU!


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