Thursday, February 23, 2012

Favorite time of day.

I think that my favorite time of day might be just after the boys' baths, before bedtime. 

Though it's one of the more chaotic times of our days, it's also one of the most fun! 
This time is often characterized by a naked toddler running around our apartment with his dimply bottom and lots of giggles, while his calm and content baby brother lays happily on his mat. There is generally tickling involved in this portion of the day, not to mention cool "jammy jams" as pajamas are fondly referred to in our house. After running a few naked laps around the living room and getting clean diapers and jammy jams, we read books and get ready to say goodnight. 

It's pure, chaotic fun!

Tonight Jack took a shower, instead of a bath. Recently he's decided to boycott baths, so this was a new attempt at getting him clean. He enjoyed the shower and was super excited about a new adventure! 

Such a fun laugh. 

Here are a few pics I snapped the other night during our post bath goof-off time. 

Evenings have changed quite a bit over the past 2 years, but I am so grateful for these laughs.

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