Tuesday, February 28, 2012


Ok, let's be honest.  This is not a gratitude post. 

I could try to come up with some nonsense about being grateful that my Mom was a fashionista who helped me learn the religion of fabulous shoes...
But we can cut right to the good stuff, right? ;)

Let's just talk fashion for a moment. 

I am a self-proclaimed shopaholic. I love shoes and handbags. I love the feel of new clothes. I'm like a junky. But on a budget. So when I can't score, I swoon

This is what I'm currently swooning for. What do you think?

 Cafe Capris from J.Crew

 These shoes speak of themselves, don't they. 

Asymmetrical yellow top from Zara. 
I might actually splurge on this one. It's in the window of the store down the street. 
I walk by it daily and it stares at me... I might just need it.  

This necklace could make anything look feminine and fun. I want it!

There's nothing like a fab white leather handbag for the Spring/Summer. I love this one!

And though I am totally not ready to talk swim... this suit caught my eye! It could be a great choice for those of us with - ehm - less than stellar tummies?

Also, I totally just splurged on these... Mama had 2 babies back to back and still needed smaller jeans. In my book, that's worthy of a splurge! ;) 

Another day I'll tell you about my fashionista Mom, her fabulous shoe collection and why she thought it was all a waste in the end. 

But for now, we swoon. ;)


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