Wednesday, February 22, 2012

My dad.

My Dad - also known as Papa - is awesome.

Last weekend we went to my Dad's for a visit. We had a great time! My Dad was really happy to see us and we were all glad to see him - especially Jack who was thrilled to see Papa and his doggies! :) Saturday morning we were at breakfast and my Dad suggested that we go to the aquarium. J absolutely loved the idea and so did we. Off we went. We had such a good time! We visited the NY Aquarium a few weeks ago, but I think that this one was even better! 
They had awesome exhibits of exotic fish as well as local fish. They had touch & feel exhibits with sting rays and star fish. And they had an awesome shark tank! I think we sat watching the sharks for 45 minutes. It was so cool! 
Is it just me, or are aquariums really neat?!

Naturally, I forgot my camera. So you'll have to excuse my crummy iPhone pics!

 Papa is so great with my boys. It makes me endlessly happy to see them play together and laugh. Jack is boisterous with lots of energy. He's typically an eager and sweet kid, but he has his moments. I am occasionally weary that people won't be up to the task of keeping up with him. He's a handful! But my Dad not only kept up with him all day, he really enjoyed him! 
J would only hold Papa's hand - neither Mom nor Dad mattered. Papa carried him, laughed with him and showed him all of the exhibits. And when J was nervous of the shark tank, Papa taught him how to scare the sharks away by "Rawr-ing" at them. It was awesome. The really amazing thing is how incredible he is with my little one as well. He loves to feed him and hold him. He talks to him and tells him stories. Papa is amazing at getting my boys to sleep and never seems to mind that they end up cuddled up on his chest for long stretches of cozy sleep. He is wonderful with both of my boys. 
I am so grateful for him and so glad that I get to watch them have fun together. 
I know that we both had moments this weekend when we missed her. But it never ruined the mood. Rather, we seemed to embrace the company we had and enjoy it as best we could.

My boys adore my Dad. 
 So do I.

He is brave, strong, loving and so much fun.
Thanks for a great weekend, Dad!

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