Tuesday, May 1, 2012

Proud parent

Last week I spent a lovely day with my Dad. He came over and we went for a nice, long walk and just talked. Then when the boys were up from their naps, we all went out to dinner together. It was a great day, but the highlight came when my Dad was talking about Nick. 

Nick is graduating from Teachers College of Columbia University next week with his Master's degree. He started the program when I was newly pregnant with Jack and was able to balance teaching full-time with bringing home 2 babes and getting excellent grades - not to mention his being an outstanding, supportive husband and an amazing Dad!!

When Nick got up to use the bathroom, my Dad told me how proud he was of Nick and how much respect he has for all he's been doing. But then when Nick came back to the table, my Dad told him directly. It made my heart warm!

I am extraordinarily proud of Nick and his massive accomplishments! He has managed to take care of everything, often at the expense of his own sleep/rest/sanity. He has never once told me that he didn't have time to listen or support me, feed a baby or change a diaper... He always finds a way to make it work.

I cannot even express the pride I have in knowing that my boys get to watch their Daddy graduate from Columbia University! What an awesome role model!

But I could also burst with pride for my Dad's willingness to boast about his son-in-law. It seems difficult for men to speak so honestly about pride and respect, so I was so glad that my Dad was willing to tell Nick the things that he often tells me about him.

Babe, I am SO incredibly proud of you.

I am grateful for both Nick and my extraordinary Dad.

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