Tuesday, May 8, 2012

A Hot Bath

Jack and I have been battling a cold for a few days and tonight I was feeling really miserable. Just tired and achy.  My Nan called to check up on us and she gave me brilliant advice. She told me to try "Mom's medicine" a hot bath (said with her lovely British accent), a cup of tea, Tylenol and an early night. Sounded good to me!

I realized once I got in the tub, that I hadn't had a bath since I was pregnant. It felt ridiculously good to sink all the way in. I even chuckled when I looked down and saw my toes without a baby bump in the way! It was also nice to make the water piping hot without having to worry.

While I soaked in my quiet bathroom, I decided that I couldn't imagine not having a tub to soak in. One day when we grow up and buy a home, a tub will be an essential component. Do you ever fantasize about your future home? I think that even if we owned a place, I'd still dream about someplace different. In my dreams we'll someday own a modest 2-3 bedroom apartment in the City - how fabulous would that be?! (note: this is highly unlikely, but a girl can dream!) When I get to decorate or renovate my very own bathroom, it will require a nice, deep tub. Deep enough that I can sink all the way in without having to bend my knees! 

tubs found here, here, here and here

How deliciously decedent do these tubs look?! (Seriously, I sound like I'm talk about dessert. Ha! I like baths, what can I say?!) I think number 2 is my favorite. There's something about a tub in front of a window that seems so relaxing, especially with a City view!

A nice hot bath is almost like a mini vacation! It was such a wonderful suggestion, thanks Nan. Mom's medicine is always just what you need... :)

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