Wednesday, May 23, 2012


I rarely put headphones in when I'm out, walking around. But for some reason today, I felt like listening to music while I was running errands. I popped my ear buds in and put my iPod on shuffle. The first song that came on was Dave Matthews Band, Pig. It was a perfect song for my mood. Isn't it funny how music can be that way? I was still feeling off and very introspective. I've been thinking a lot lately and I happened to be thinking about cherishing moments and people. If you're familiar with the song, you'll appreciate the irony of it. By the end of the 6+ minute song, my mood was completely changed. I was feeling much more upbeat and positive; glad that I cherish moments and hopeful that I cherish people. But mostly inspired to continue living my life and savoring it's moments.  

"Wash out this tired notion
That the best is yet to come
But while you're dancing on the ground
Don't think of when you're gone
Love! Love? What more is there?
We need the light of love in here
Don't beat your head
Dry your eyes
Let the love in there
There are bad times
But that's OK
Just look for love in it"
- Dave Matthew's Band, Pig

I love how music can change your mood or bring you back to a memory. It's so powerful! 

Do you have a favorite song?

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