Friday, April 20, 2012

Family Vacation!

Last week we took a lovely vacation to Charleston, South Carolina with Nick's parents and sister. We had a great trip and proudly survived flying with TWO lap babies! I'm working on uploading our pictures from the camera and about 12 draft posts from our trip and beyond... 

But here are a few snapshots from my iPhone!

We decided to have an "airport picnic" before the flight! 
(Read: there wasn't a seat to be found, so we plopped ourselves on the floor on a blanket and called it a picnic!) We survived the trip and even got a pic in front of our teeny tiny plane!

We stayed in Foley Beach, SC which is a great beach community about 20 minutes outside of Charleston. It was so nice and relaxing to hang out on the beach. That's Nick & Jack playing closer to the ocean.

We took an awesome carriage ride in Charleston! Really informative, but also fun and pretty. 
Both boys fell asleep!

The accidental matching family... opps! ;)
While I love matching outfits for my boys, this was a total accident - especially me & Nick! 

One night we went to a wonderful dinner and left the boys with my in-laws. 
It was so great to have a night out to ourselves!

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