Wednesday, October 10, 2012

A year ago

I was in the hospital, breathing through contractions, waiting to meet my sweet little babe.

This was taken as we were walking out the door to go to the hospital, where I was going to be induced. Despite my desires for an un-medicated birthing center delivery, my water was leaking and I needed to be induced 3 weeks early. Ready or not, my little one was on his way! 

I could have killed Nick for sneaking this pic during a contraction! 
Here I was, about 6 hours into my labor, sitting on a birthing ball & breathing deep. 
Wells Thomas came into the World about 3 hours later :)

I have to be honest, as I rocked Wellsy to sleep tonight, I cried. I cannot believe that he is already 1. 
I'm not ready.

I want to keep him teeny forever - well, not forever, but for a bit longer.

A year ago, my Mom sat in a chair beside my bed and cheered me on. She wasn't sure that she could stay awake into the night, but she did. And at 1:00am, when it was time to push, she got up out of her chair and held my hand as I delivered Wells. 
She held him before I did.
In that moment, she looked more alive than she had in months. She was elated. 
Life was the one thing that could make us all forget about Cancer.

Tonight I am so grateful for my healthy, happy baby boy.
I am grateful that we get to see his 1st birthday, even though I think it went too fast.
But above all, I am so grateful that my Mom held my hand and her sweet grand baby.

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  1. Happy Birthday Wellsy! You are such a special little boy who brought joy to all of our lives during a time when joy seemed impossible. You have taught us that it is possible, and reminded us of all that is good in life. I hope you grow to know just how much you helped all of us during the most difficult time in our lives, you were our ray of sunshine. You are such a wonderful angelic yet sly little boy who is truly special. Your Nanny Shells will live in you forever -one adventure after another.

    Congratulations to you mama, you've made it through your first year with 2 babes and done wonderfully. You constantly amaze me. Love you all. Kisses to my boys.


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